Arashi Mikami


Arashi Mikami


三神 嵐


Mikami Arashi










175 cm




Black Label Organization


AMT Hardballer "Long Slide" Springfield Armory V10 "Knuckle" Sawed-off Shotgun "Double Joker"

Voiced By

Kenji Akabane (Japanese)

Arashi Mikami (三神 嵐 Mikami Arashi) is the main male protagonist. A handsome but socially awkward high school student that belongs to the Black Label Organization, a vigilante group that deals with criminals the police is unable to. When he was young, he was severely scarred on a terrorist attack that took the life of his best friend, Ryu Mochizuki and he received organ transplants from him. During missions, he wears a bullet-proof motorbike helmet that covers his entire face.


Arashi is a tall, lean built male, who has lightly tanned skin; short, spikey, brown hair and green eyes. The bangs of Arashi are longer than other parts of his hair. Underneath Arashi's layers of clothes lies scars of a past incident. These scars are all over his body, excluding his face. When working on black label missions, Arashi wears a red and black suit that is bullet resistant. He also wheres a black helmet that protects his face and hides his identity while on missions. Arashi tends to wear his school uniform mostly when not working with Ampoule One, stating that he doesn't know when to wear casual clothes and when not to.


Arashi is socially awkward



Not much is known about Arashi's history other than a life changing event that took place. Arashi was friends with Ryo, who was the son of Dr. Mochizuki. Together they would play games like heroes and other games they enjoyed. One day at the International Medical Conference in Bioka City, there was a terrorist attack that left only two survivors, Arashi and Ryo. During the explosion Arashi used his body to shield Dr. Mochizuki's son, which completely destroyed his body. Due to Arashi's efforts, Ryo's body was unharmed, however Ryo took a serious injury to the head. Soon after Dr. Mochizuki showed up. Dr. Mochizuki then applied a black label to his very own son, stating that he was brain dead. He then cut up the surviving body parts to save Arashi's life. After Arashi's operation, he realized that he had almost lost everything that was important to him, but he felt a certain determination within himself. He then prepared himself to do his best to live, and ready to accept the full seriousness of life. His conscience was prepared and most importantly, he was prepared to make without being controlled by fear... this is why Arashi won't betray Dr. Mochizuki or anyone of Ampoule One.

Weapons Edit

  • M1911 AMT Hardballer "Long Slide"
  • M1911 Springfield Armory V10 "Knuckle"
  • Double barrel sawed-off shotgun "Double Joker"
  • Bulletproof motorcycle helmet/suit
  • Great awareness
  • Expert in hand to hand combat