Oriha Nashida
Oriha Nashida


Oriha Nashida


梨田 織葉


Nashida Oriha










147 cm


Bust: 87 cm
Waist: 53 cm
Hips 79 cm




Black Label Organization



Voiced By

Amina Satō (Japanese)

Oriha Nashida (梨田 織葉 Nashida Oriha) is a 14-year old middle school idol and demolitions expert of the Black Label. She's a genius who started college when she was 11, but she can also be really childish and enjoys giving nicknames to her team mates. She lives at an abandoned mansion filled with explosive traps.


Oriha Nashida 02

Oriha's Anime Appearance

Oriha is a short, lean built girl. She has blue eyes and medium length hair that is a combination of blonde and pink/light purple. Oriha has long bangs and often wears her hair in twin ponytails. Despite her height of 4' 10" and age of 14, she is busty. She is well known for her small size and large bust due to various pin-up books. When not wearing her Ampoule work outfit, she is seen a wide range of unique clothing. Since she is a young pop star she tends to wear very flamboyant style of clothing that is seen in current Japanese pop culture. Like most of the Black Label Organization members, Oriha wears a mask to conceal her identity during missions. The star on her mask reflects her everyday style, but the mask still retains a somewhat horrifying look to it like that of Sayo's mask. In order to go into public, Oriha dresses like a student, puts her hair down and wears glasses. She also pretends to be Arashi's younger sister and calls herself Orina Mikami to conceal her identity.


Despite her young age and appearance, Oriha is incredibly intelligent. Under the Acceleration Scale, Oriha was able to skip into an American university at the age of 11. A professor at the university also taught Oriha about explosives there. When on missions Oriha mostly shows a high level of maturity in order to make sure missions are successfully carried out. However, sometimes she still shows a immature side whilst conducting a mission. Outside of missions Oriha has shown to be somewhat temperamental and can become angry or sad with ease. At times she can be short tempered, for instance when she went crazy on live television over a sexist comment made by an announcer. Oriha still has somewhat of a childish side which is seen when Mikoto whacks Oriha on the top of the head. Oriha cries "You're just a big jerk, Miko! I'm going home!" Displaying the more immature side of her personality.



Oriha specializes in using explosives. She was taught how to effectively use explosives by a professor of an American university when she was 11. Weapons/explosives that Oriha has used includes:

Grenade Launcher- Oriha uses a grenade launcher with smoke grenade shells in order to allow Arashi and Mikoto to carry out missions in cramped indoor areas. The smoke provides cover to cause panic and reduce the enemies ability to retaliate.

C4 Explosives- Oriha makes use of C4 explosives with trip wires, which combine to make a very effective means of killing enemies. Oriha also uses the explosives to destroy, buildings, pathways and cars to prevent the enemies escape.

RPG-7- Oriha used a RPG to destroy a helicopter that had heavy machine guns firing at Arashi and Mikoto. Oriha also prevents the escape of the Black Label target Jin Masaki by destroying the helicopter.

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