Triage X is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Shouji Sato which began serialization in the May 2009 issue of Monthly Dragon Age. Sato hints on the cover flap of volume 1 that the reason Triage X was created was because of Highschool of the Dead's prolonged hiatus, thus in terms of content and theme, the two are very comparable. Triage X has 11 Volumes and the 12th Volume will come in November in a Limited Edition.

The series is currently being published at a monthly schedule.

Story Edit

The Story Follows Arashi Mikami and his work as an assassin as he works together with other members of the vigilante group Black Label to wipe out organized crime in the fictional city of Tobioka. Black Label has two Teams: Ampoule One and Ampoule Zero Ampoule One: Arashi Mikami, Mikoto Kiba and Ohira Nashida / Ampoule Zero: Yuko Sagiri, Sayo Hitsugi and Miki Tsurugi

Triage X




Action, Ecchi, Splatter

Written and Illustrated by

Shouji Sato


Fujimi Shobo


"Monthly Dragon Age"


Shonen, Mature, 16+

Original run

May 2009-ongoing



The series also shows sometimes segments of Arashi's school life, which often intertwines with his secret life in Black Label. The series is somewhat unusual in that rather than labeling each chapter with a simple number, the story is loosely separated into arcs which span multiple chapters each. (Case 1/2/3.....)